Thanks for your interest in an Andrea Equine pre-order! Pre-orders are our way of "saving spots" for customers that would like to purchase an out of stock item. Rather than checking the website regularly to see when a particular product is restocked, pre-orders allow a customer to pay for an item and have it shipped to them as soon as we get it back in stock (often days before we even restock the item on the website!).

Basically, pre-orders ensure that the product you need gets to you right away and doesn't sell out before you have a chance to buy it. Here are some things to keep in mind about our pre-order programs.

You can tell a product is on pre-order by looking at the turquoise button on the product page. If it reads "pre-order", it's not currently in-stock and will ship as soon as we get more. If it reads "add to cart", it's in-stock and ready to ship ASAP!

-Orders that contain both pre-orders and regularly stocked items will ship altogether once the pre-order is back in stock. We do this because the shipping cost you pay is calculated for a one time shipment of that entire order. If you'd like to get your other items within our regular shipping time (shoutout to same or next day fulfillment! 😎), simply purchase your pre-order in a separate order from the rest of your items. Alternatively, you can email us to purchase additional postage for us to ship the rest of your order prior to the pre-ordered item(s).

-If a restock estimate is given, please note that this is an estimate and not a guarantee. We work as hard as we can to get pre-orders filled ASAP, but delays unfortunately happen. On the other hand, we sometimes find that pre-orders can be filled before the estimated time as well! Thanks for your understanding 👊 You're welcome to email us anytime to get updates on our production schedule. 

-If your order contains both pre-ordered and in-stock items, we'd be happy to help you split your order so you can receive your in-stock items first! Simply reach out to our team at and we'd be happy to assist! Please note that once an order has been split, no parts of the order can be cancelled since separate postage has already been purchased and committed to.