Product Care


We take leather care seriously, and think you should too! Taking care of your leather will keep it lasting for years and years to come. To make your leather last, it's as easy as clean, condition, and maintain.

To clean, we recommend a weekly quick wipe with a conditioning leather cleaner that has no glycerine (ditch the saddle soap!). Glycerine dries out leather and makes it gummy, slowly deteriorating it over time. Andrea loves this cleaner because it is gentle, deeply penetrating, non greasy, and it conditions as it cleans. But there are many, many great ones out there!

To condition, we recommend using a formula specifically for leather tack. Cooking oils can leave leather greasy and over oiled, and don't waterproof as well as a good leather conditioner will. Andrea uses this conditioner because it soaks completely into the leather, keeping the surface non greasy. It also waterproofs the leather over time, making daily cleaning even easier with just a wipe with water.

To maintain, it's crucial to keep the leather free of dirt and sweat. Andrea uses a rag to wipe off all of her tack after every ride, and will even use water to clean after the leather has been thoroughly waterproofed with the right conditioner.

*Do not use water or any cleaners/conditioners on crystals, painted leather, suede, roughout, rawhide, inlay, or hardware.

Conchos & Hardware

Due to the intensity of equine activities, hardware such as conchos and crystal sets can come loose in rare occasions. To prevent this, we highly recommend applying an epoxy or strong glue such as lock-tite or super glue to all concho screws to keep them in place. We sadly can't be responsible for lost conchos or hardware, but the good news is that it's preventable!