Our Rope

It's no secret that Andrea is a nut about horse training. After training countless problem horses, performance horses, and even wild mustangs, she has developed a specific taste for rope products. Since rope is the majority of what we use to train and communicate with our horses, feel and energy of the rope is one of the most important factors in training any horse. Andrea has made it a goal to research and develop the perfect clinician products for the ultimate feel and timing. She has tested dozens of prototypes, including those marketed by world renowned and famous clinicians, and lower priced economical options. 

After years of careful research and development, the final Andrea Equine rope products are here. Created with the horse in mind, our rope products have the ultimate feel and energy. Our products are created with the same manufacturing as your favorite clinicians, and are improved for quality and even better performance. What's even better? While you are getting an unbeatable product, you don't have to pay nearly as much as those clinicians charge you for. Here at Andrea Equine, we believe that great tack should come at great and affordable prices. We don't unfairly upmark like others and always work to keep the prices low. Way better colors, lower prices, and awesome products? Yes please! 

View our Rope Halter Size Chart to find the right fit for your horse