Our Leather

Andrea Equine leather tack is the ultimate on the market for many reasons. Offering simple & classy economical options to bright, blingy, and flashy options, there's something for everyone! 

All of our leather tack is hand created in the USA with American leather. Oh but this isn't just any leather, this is Andrea Equine leather.

Our Andrea Equine harness leather combines thick, durable, and strong leather with butter softness and suppleness. Ever heard of Hermann Oak harness leather? Our leather is identical to, if not better than Hermann Oak. Other leathers are expensive and take a lot of elbow grease to get soft, but not us. Our leather is butter soft and supple right out of the box, and is just as thick and durable. Trust us, once you use one of our headstalls, you'll never go back! 

The Andrea Equine latigo leather is as durable as can be and is sure to last through the toughest of work. It features a gorgeous deep red color and is very soft, pliable, and flexible. Give it a little oil and it'll be butter.

For the fancy, our Andrea Equine elite bridle leather is the best bridle leather money can buy. Featuring a gorgeous chestnut color on the front, it is backed with our premium soft latigo leather. This leather is absolutely gorgeous and is sure to please.

Leather Care

We take leather care seriously, and think you should too! Taking care of your leather will keep it lasting for generations. To make your leather last, you should clean, condition, and maintain.

To clean, we recommend a weekly quick wipe with a conditioning leather cleaner that has no glycerine (ditch the saddle soap!). Glycerine dries out leather and makes it gummy, slowly deteriorating it over time. Andrea loves this cleaner because it is gentle, deeply penetrating, non greasy, and it conditions as it cleans

To condition, we recommend using a formula specifically for leather tack. Cooking oils can leave leather greasy and over oiled, and don't waterproof as well as a good leather conditioner will. Andrea uses this conditioner because it soaks completely in to the leather, keeping the surface non greasy. It also waterproofs the leather over time, making daily cleaning even easier with just a wipe with water. 

To maintain, it's crucial to keep the leather free of dirt and sweat. Andrea uses a rag to wipe off all of her tack after every ride, and will even use water to clean after the leather has been thoroughly waterproofed with the right conditioner. 

*Do not use water or any cleaners/conditioners on crystals, painted leather, suede, roughout, rawhide, inlay, or hardware. 


Headstall Sizing

Our headstalls are designed to fit horses with average sized heads with allowance for customizability. But just to be sure, here are the measurements of our browband headstalls to compare your horses's measurements to. Keep in mind that leather is a natural product and that our products are hand-cut, so there may be slight variability in these measurements that should not affect the overall fit of your headstall. Feel free to reach out to us via email for help with fit prior to purchasing!

Cheek (leather end to leather end): 9"

Throatlatch (leather end to leather end): 41"

Crown (leather end to leather end): 29"

Browband (leather end to leather end): 19"