Canada Post Strike - How to Get Your Order Without Delay

Hey awesome equestrian! 

Greetings from California 🌴 As you may have heard in the news, a possible strike could disrupt service from Canada Post, starting October 22, 2018. We use USPS to deliver orders to Canada, so this disruption will affect all Canadian orders as Canada Post delivers all USPS packages in Canada.

During this time, you’ll still be able to order with USPS international shipping to Canada, but your shipments may be delayed. The strike will affect one or two specific locations at a time, in 24-hour periods. To learn more about affected areas, please read Canada Post’s announcement.

But don't worry! We're determined to get your #TackGoals to you without delay. If you're Canadian and you'd like to order tack without a delivery delay, simply email us ( and we'll place an order for you with an alternative shipping method. Tack crisis averted.

The banner on the top of our site will go away once the strike is over. For more information and regular updates, please visit Canada Post’s website.

Much love,

Andrea Equine