"California" Dogbone Roller Sweet Iron Dee Snaffle Bit w/Copper Inlay-Andrea Equine
"California" Dee Snaffle Bit - Andrea Equine
Andrea Equine

"California" Dogbone Roller Sweet Iron Dee Snaffle Bit w/Copper Inlay

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Wow the crowd with our "California" collection snaffle bits! These simple, yet flashy blackened steel dee ring snaffles are decorated with german silver and have sweet iron+copper inlay mouthpieces.

This bit features a smooth sweet iron mouthpiece with a copper roller. It is a level 1 bit, making it great for everyday use. Andrea designed this bit for mouthier and busier horses, and it's perfect for young colts that need something to keep them occupied. 

Designed to beat the big name clinicians' bits, Andrea Equine bits are hand made from every step of the way, and are all designed with the horse in mind. Our bits are made of the finest materials, heavy duty and balanced for the right feel in the horse's mouth. All of Andrea's bits are made of sweet iron and are designed to rust. Make sure to keep them oiled! 

Watch Andrea's "Snaffle Bit 101" video to pick the right bit for your horse (coming soon)


  • Heavy duty blackened steel rings
  • Flashy german silver accents
  • Sweet iron and copper inlay mouthpiece to encourage salivation 
  • Dee rings that won't pull through the mouth or pinch
  • Better quality than your favorite Aussie clinician's bit
  • Handmade by expert craftsmen for balance and precision
  • 5" mouthpiece
  • Ideal 3/8" diameter. Not too harsh, not too cushioned

Our California bits come in smooth, twisted wire, and dogbone roller mouth pieces.

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