All About B-Stock!

Thanks for your interest in our B-Stock tack! Items that are labeled B-Stock are a bit different than our normal selection, so be sure to read through this to decide if a B-Stock product is right for you ❤️

B-Stock simply means a product that didn't meet our quality control standards. You could say they're perfectly imperfect! B-Stock products are a great way to shop on a budget because while they aren't 100% on par with our perfect quality guarantee, the utility of the product is the same. All products sold as B-Stock have cosmetic defects, not utility issues. So you can be sure that they'll have a similar feel to our normally stocked products, they may just look a little different (which we fully embrace!).

All B-Stock products are sold as-is and without our normal quality guarantee. 


B-Stock bits might show cosmetic imperfections such as powder coat bubbling, nicks, scratches, oxidation, small dips in the metal, discoloration, etc.. These are usually unnoticeable while equipped and do not affect the general use or utility of the bit. They may need some TLC, oiling, or cleaning but are all unused and in brand new condition. 

More B-Stock product offerings to come soon!