Loop vs Mecate Reins - Clinician Tack 101

The right pair of clinician rope reins can be essential to training a soft horse- but how do you choose the right ones? With all of the lengths, styles, and materials offered on the market, it can be quite intimidating. We're here to simplify the process so you can find the perfect pair of reins! 

Loop vs Mecate

In short, the difference between loop reins and mecate reins is the length! Loop reins come in shorter lengths, normally 8-10 ft. Mecate reins come in much longer lengths, often from 20-24 ft. When comparing the Andrea Equine clinician loop reins to our mecate reins, they have exactly the same features other than the length.

Regardless of which you choose, the actual loop of the rein that you use to guide your horse will remain the same (~10ft). The difference is in what's "left over". Our 10ft loop reins have weighted ends and poppers that end right at the slobber straps. In contrast, our 22ft mecate reins will have an extra 12ft of rope on one end of the slobber straps, creating an extremely versatile tool.

We call our clinician mecate reins the Swiss Army Knife of reins, since they're the most versatile reins you can own. They function just like our 10ft loop reins, but offer an extra lead end that can be used on the ground and under saddle. On the ground, they can be used just like a clinician lead rope to do groundwork with your horse. You can also safely tie your horse using just the reins and bridle, when tied properly (Video coming soon!). Under saddle, they can serve as a connected spanker or whip for the lazier and cold blooded horse.

In addition, because of the slack offered by the extra length, our mecate reins are fully adjustable for larger and smaller equines. 

While the mecate reins are an awesome tool, some riders prefer our clinician loop reins to reduce bulk. Our clinician loop reins are also known as clinician sport reins due to their "sporty" feel and function! If you don't want to deal with the lead end of the clinician mecate reins, our loop reins are the way to go. 

Looking for the best pair of reins you'll ever own? Shop our clinician mecate reins and clinician loop reins

Tl;dr: Loop reins are shorter and provide a more "sporty" feel, while mecate reins are longer and provide extreme versatility with the lead end.

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