22 Ft Clinician Mecate Reins

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These 22 ft clinician mecate reins from Andrea Equine are the most versatile reins you can own! Clinicians love them because they serve as easy to adjust closed loop reins and feature a long end that can be used to lead, tie, and work a horse from the ground. It also serves as a connected spanker or whip for the lazier and cold blooded horse. These Andrea Equine reins are made from the same yacht rope as our leads and provide energy and feel like no other.

And what's even better about Andrea Equine clinician tack? We use the SAME rope and manufacturing as your favorite clinicians and offer the same products, for a fraction of the price, and in way better colors of course ;) You can be assured that our rope products have the same feel, guaranteed.

Combine these reins with a pair of slobber straps to provide immediate release of pressure and better cues for your horse.

Slobber straps are sold separately