Quality Western Snaffle Bits

Handmade by expert craftsmen for balance and precision, we offer the highest quality western snaffle bits on the market-at an affordable price! Andrea Equine snaffle bits are handmade every step of the way, and are all designed with the horse in mind. Our western bits are made of the finest materials, heavy duty and balanced for the right feel in the horse's mouth. All of our western snaffle bits are made of sweet iron and copper inlay to keep your horse's mouth soft and supple. There is simply no better snaffle bit on the market- through years of development and testing, Andrea Equine bits are the product of perfection. With german silver to stainless steel styles, theres a design for everyone! And we got your horses covered too, offering dogbone copper roller, smooth, and twisted wire western snaffle mouthpieces for every stage of training. 

But there's more to creating the perfect bit than just the material. Our innovative dee ring shape eliminates the pinching caused by other snaffle bits on the market, and eliminates the need for bit guards. Our bits won't pull through the mouth, making them the perfect direct rein bit. In addition, our mouthpieces are the perfect shape and diameter- not too cushioned and not too harsh! 

While other companies have tried to imitate our bits, nobody has come close to the superior quality of the Andrea Equine Western Dee Snaffle Bit. All of our horse tack is created and designed by experienced horse trainers with the horse in mind. 


Quality Western Dee Sweet Iron Snaffle Bits w/Copper Inlay-Andrea Equine