Our Promise

Andrea Equine was founded with the goal to create the best horse tack possible and to offer it at fair pricing that makes it accessible to all. We've stayed true to this goal throughout the journey and evolution of our small-town brand, constantly striving to improve every single aspect. 

In just a short amount of time, we've been blessed with an incredible group of equestrians around the world who are passionate about our products and ambitious goals. Our customers absolutely rock; raving about our products and enabling us to grow our mission into even bigger aspirations. We are forever grateful, thank you for helping us to revolutionize the equine industry. ♥️

Here's the promise that comes with each and every one of our products.


Every Andrea Equine product is hand-crafted by expert craftsmen for balance and precision. We use the highest quality American materials that money can buy, because your horse is worth it. (Read about what goes into making our leather tack and rope tack)

Fair pricing beyond the price tag.

We offer product pricing that supports ethical manufacturing and living wages while keeping your budget happy.

Designed with the horse in mind. 

Our brand was founded by Andrea Cao, an avid horse trainer. Andrea created and tested every product with the horse at the center of the design process. Elements like weight, balance, and feel were perfected to ensure the best training results possible. 

100% Horse-person owned & operated.

We were shocked to find out how many popular horse tack companies weren't even owned or operated by real horse people. Not us. Contact us and one of our horse-savvy team members would be stoked to answer your questions or chat about ponies. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn about what goes into our products and brand. More will be added as our mission grows! 


Andrea Equine