Clinician 4 Knot Halter and 14ft Lead Set

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This halter and lead set from Andrea Equine is the only set you'll ever need. Save money by purchasing these 2 products together! 


These colorful 4 knot natural horsemanship training halters from Andrea Equine are an essential tool to add to your horse's training. The Andrea Equine clinician halter is crafted with thin and stiff rope, and features 4 strategically placed knots on the noseband to make your cues clearer and sharper. This halter provides energy and feel like no other, and effectively teaches a horse to give to pressure by making it uncomfortable to lean on it. This halter will take your training to a whole new level.

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This 14 ft clinician lead from Andrea Equine is the only lead you'll ever need. The 14 ft length keeps you a safe distance from the horse while training, and allows for a wide variety of groundwork exercises. It features a weighted end with a popper, making it easy to swing and desensitize a horse. Made of our double yacht rope, this lead provides feel and energy like no other kind of rope, allowing for the most subtle and soft cues.


  • Handmade in the USA
  • Quality clinician rope with ultimate feel and weight
  • Heavy weighted end for the perfect swing
  • 14 foot length, perfect for groundwork
  • UV & rot resistant, 9000+ lb tensile strength rope
  • Full of feel and perfect energy transfer
  • Approx 9/16" diameter

And what's even better about Andrea Equine clinician tack? We use the SAME rope and manufacturing as your favorite clinicians and offer the same products, for a fraction of the price, and in way better colors of course ;) You can be assured that our rope products have the same feel, guaranteed.

Includes one 4 knot halter, one 14 ft lead.

The turquoise/burgundy zig zag set comes with one turquoise/burgundy zig zag lead and one burgundy halter.