Let all that you do be done in love ❤️ Corinthians 16:14
Let all that you do be done in love ❤️ Corinthians 16:14
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Natural Harness Slobber Straps - Andrea Equine
Andrea Equine

Natural Harness Slobber Straps

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These one piece slobber straps from Andrea Equine are a must-have in your tack room. Double stitched and made of our signature butter soft harness leather, these will provide unbeatable feel and improve your training. Use our slobber straps to connect Andrea Equine loop or mecate reins to the bit. Unlike many other brands, our straps are thick and heavy like the clinician's, which allow them to work properly.

Slobber straps are an amazing and essential tool for refining and softening a horse. They act as a sort of hinge, allowing you to release pressure quicker and pick up softer. They essentially transfer the energy from the rider, to the reins, to the bit, to the mouth, and then to the brain quicker and more efficiently. When you pick up on the reins, the horse will feel a change and know that a cue is coming. The slobber strap, being wider, makes more resistance to the metal ring on the bit, so when the rider picks up the rein, the horse feels a bit more vibration through the bit. And when you drop the reins, or release the pressure, the added weight of the slobber strap makes the rein side and fall immediately back into the "neutral" position, so the horse gets a very noticeable and immediate release. This is a key tool that Andrea uses to get a horse feather soft and light.


  • Signature thick Andrea Equine harness leather, butter soft and durable
  • Simple one-piece design
  • Natural finish will match all of our natural harness headstalls
  • Double stitched 

Note- Our leather may vary in color due to differences in dye lots and natural hide variations. 

*as of 3/11, this batch came in a darker chocolate finish. It’s a tiny bit darker than our normal natural finish but should still match natural oiled headstalls well. It will also match chocolate tack!*

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