The Hidden Dangers of An All Copper Snaffle Bit

Endorsed and promoted by riders and trainers of all disciplines, the copper snaffle bit has quickly become a tack room staple. Unfortunately, an all-copper mouthpiece poses extreme danger and can cause some serious headache for you and your horse. 

Copper has been used in horse bits for ages and has proved to provide some awesome benefits. From increasing equine salivation to it's antimicrobial properties, copper has been a favorite of horses and riders alike. 

The problem with copper, though, is that it's a very soft metal. Like the category suggests, this makes it extremely prone to wear and tear. This makes it far from ideal to be inside a horse's mouth, exposed to a most environment and grinding teeth. Over time, copper snaffle bits will start to wear down, changing shape and affecting the function of the snaffle bit. Eventually, the mouthpiece will develop sharp edges and even breakage. As one could imagine, this leads to a dangerous situation quickly. The result of using an all copper bit can be catastrophic.

Fortunately, there is a way for your horse to enjoy the benefits of copper in a safe way. Andrea Equine offers a large variety of snaffle bits with copper inlay and rollers, preventing sharp edges and vet bills. Using copper as an accent piece in snaffle bits ensures that it won't wear or change shape, since the material is strategically placed away from the teeth. Copper inlay and copper rollers in snaffle bits are a great way to safely use copper for better training and riding. But not all copper inlay or roller bits are treated alike- many manufacturers cheaply produce their snaffle bits with no balance or care. Andrea Equine western snaffle bits are hand made by expert craftsmen, ensuring balance and attention to detail. All of our western snaffle bits are backed by a quality guarantee, and are sure to last. 

Paired with the ultimate snaffle bit material, sweet iron, copper can provide endless benefits to you and your horses. Shop wisely and you'll have the correct tools to perfect your training and love riding.

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