"Ultimate" Clinician 6ft String

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Looking for a replacement string to use on your clinician training stick? We are proud to offer high quality strings that have unmatched feel and weight, making them an essential tool for you to communicate more effectively with your horse. Our strings feature weighted ends with leather poppers, providing the perfect weight and "swing" while training. The perfect replacement for your savvy or aussie style string. They also bonus as a catch rope in the pasture!

Andrea Equine "Ultimate" strings can be paired up with our "Ultimate" sticks (coming soon) for the ultimate training experience. 


  • 6ft for the perfect reach
  • Same clinician feel of our leads and reins
  • Weighted end with leather popper
  • Pair with your favorite handy or carrot style clinician stick for the ultimate training experience
  • Can be used as a pocket catch rope for the hard-to-catch horse