Brand Ambassador Information

Thank you for your interest in the Andrea Equine ambassador program. We are excited to announce that applications for our 2017 ambassador team are now open! We are stoked that you want to be a part of the team, and can’t wait to review your application. Before applying, we ask that you read through these requirements and make sure you are 100% sure you are a good fit for our elite team.

Brand Ambassador Core Values

-Humble, honest, appropriate, and kind

-Experience and presence in the equine industry

-Motivated, passionate, and driven

-High social media/equine industry influence

-Passion for Andrea Equine’s products and values

Requirements of a Brand Ambassador:

We will select as we see your interest and passion for the Andrea Equine brand, and trust you to carry that name proudly. As an ambassador, your job is to help promote and market our brand to a wider audience of equestrians, and get them just as passionate about our tack as you are. To reach this goal, we need you to meet these requirements:

-You must make a social media post(Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, blog, etc) at least 4 times per month

-Within each social media post, you must post a photo and caption focused on the product, with a mention in both the caption and a tag of @AndreaEquine in the photo

-You are required to be a host in all Andrea Equine issued giveaways, posting the giveaway photo and information along with 3 reminding posts leading up to the close of the giveaway.

-You are required to participate in the promotion of all new product launches and releases

Failure to meet these requirements will result in you being immediately removed from the ambassador team, and a possible revoking of products issued(Situational, please see ambassador contract for details)

Perks of being a Brand Ambassador:

Now we can talk about the fun part :) As an ambassador, you are eligible for tons of free tack, apparel, and discounts! How much you receive all depends on how much you go above and beyond to promote the brand. Upon acceptance, and after you make your first post, you will receive a welcome kit with a product of your choosing(some restrictions apply) and will use that to start promoting.

You will receive an exclusive 5% discount for yourself to use and will become a member of the exclusive Andrea Equine Ambassador newsletter.

In addition, you will get your own spot on the Andrea Equine website, helping to promote you and drive traffic to your own accounts!

Things to consider:

-This is not about just getting free product. If that is your intention, please opt out now because it will end up being a huge waste of time for both of us. You must be passionate and dedicated to our brand and truly want to promote it. Again, product can be revoked if you do not meet the post requirements.

-The Andrea Equine ambassador program is designed so everyone wins. You get free product, join our brand, and network bigtime while Andrea Equine grows as a company. You are now a part of our family, and so when we grow, we want you to grow too!

-The ambassador program can be thought of as a part time job. We are hiring you(and paying you) to do a job, and trust that you will be a good representation of our company. Work ethic will be a huge factor in the selection process, because our team thrives on hustle.

I wish you the best of luck, and am looking forward to a great first year filled with #TackGoals

-Andrea Cao

CEO, Founder

Andrea Equine