"The 2020" Teal Sweet Iron Dee 5.5 Inch Snaffle Bit w/Copper Inlay

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Ahhh 2020. Where everything that could go wrong, went wrong, and then some. These beasts are a one of a kind batch of our original turquoise snaffle bits where the  color was mixed wrong (after a 5 month wait, too).

While the color isn't super different, it's enough to where we wanted to list them on their own. If you're looking for a turquoise on the bluer side, this one's for you. If you're wanting a greener and brighter turquoise, you can pre-order one from our next batch (coming very soon, we promise) here. 


  • Hand coated and sealed locally in San Luis Obispo, California
  • Double layered & coated for durability
  • Gorgeous blue turquoise that glimmers in the sun
  • Heavy duty stainless steel rings
  • Sweet iron and copper inlay mouthpiece to encourage salivation 
  • Dee rings that won't pull through the mouth or pinch
  • Better quality than your favorite clinicians' bits
  • 5.5" mouthpiece
  • Ideal 3/8" diameter. Not too harsh, not too cushioned

We're proud to offer our original turquoise powder coated snaffle bits. These bits are just like our "Signature" line of bits, featuring heavy duty stainless steel rings and have sweet iron & copper inlay mouthpieces. Our "Signature" bits are durable, no nonsense bits for those who don't need the bling, but still want the heavy balanced feel of a good dee snaffle bit.

Designed to beat the big name clinicians' bits, Andrea Equine bits are hand made from every step of the way, and are all designed with the horse in mind. Our bits are made of the finest materials, heavy duty and balanced for the right feel in the horse's mouth. All of Andrea's bits are made of sweet iron and are designed to oxidize. Make sure to keep them oiled!

Note- Our color coat with our proprietary sealant is extremely durable, non toxic, and completely safe. Over time, however, these bits can return to a classic stainless finish due to the nature of the coating. To prolong the turquoise finish, we recommend only using leather slobber straps/reins, and leather curb straps on the rings. Gently wiping the bit after you ride can extend its life for additional years! Due to the handmade nature of this product, small imperfections are normal and do not affect the durability of the coating.