"Arroyo" Pink/Turquoise Cheetah Mecate Tack Set

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The Andrea Equine "Arroyo" mecate tack set is a gorgeous set with tons of bling! Butter-soft and durable Andrea Equine harness leather meets real Swarovski crystals and stainless spots for the perfect touch. Finished with stunning cheetah overlay, turquoise whip lace, turquoise rawhide, and stunning pink tassels, this set is sure to impress! 

Our mecate sets are the most versatile bridle set up you can own and is our number one training tool on the trail. This mecate bridle set comes with a matching headstall, snaffle bit, curb strap, slobber straps and our signature white clinician 22ft mecate reins. The snaffle bit is a dee ring with sweet iron and cooper inlays that encourage the horse to salivate. The 22-foot mecate reins provide easy-to-adjust loop rein control and are fashioned with a built-in lead rope or spanker for the lazier/cold blooded horse. Slobber straps act as a hinge to allow you to release pressure quicker and pick up slower to reward and cue your horse precisely. The weighted end of the lead rope makes the mecate the perfect training tool to do groundwork with your horse no matter where you are.

*Note-- due to COVID-19 production delays, we only have "B-Stock" California bits in stock. This set will include a B-Stock California snaffle bit of your choice, and the price is discounted to reflect that. Everything else in this set is regular guaranteed product, just with a cosmetically pulled snaffle. You can read more about B-Stock here :)


  • "Arroyo" Headstall
  • *B-Stock* "California" Snaffle Bit
  • Dotted Harness Slobber Straps
  • Pink 22 ft Clinician Mecate Reins
  • Natural Harness Curb Strap